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Your Reliable Partner in
IT Staffing and Consultancy solutions!

Our IT staffing and Consulting solutions augment your work environments and businesses letting your Development and Staffing Solutions run all the time.  

About Us

We a team of profound thinkers and exceptional talent drove many businesses to new horizons in this digital competitive world. 

We are a customer-centric global IT Staffing Solutions company with a strong focus to scale your businesses to new heights. Our highly qualified team and its expertise meet your business needs providing an efficient workforce, tools, processes, and digital solutions. 

You can be the next big thing in the market by modernizing your workplaces to be more productive with our support. 

We are the emerging leaders in hiring high-quality talent for ever-increasing complex business needs. We have crossed the barriers of our expectations in this regard with our highly-trained, certified, dedicated, professional, and knowledgeable team. 


Why Alphatek?

  • Cost-effective & Flexible Prices: Our solutions are tailor-made to small and midsized companies to global enterprises. And also, our pricing is flexible to accommodate and take you along with us in growth. 
  • Vast Network: Our Reach is Global! We have a vast network to source you the right person with the right skills that suit your requirements. 
  • Employee Retention: Our clients are happy with the employee retention levels through our staffing solutions. 
  • Tools: We use the state-of-the-art tools designed with the latest technology. Besides, our focus on emerging technologies keep you updated with the developing trends. 
  • Turnaround Time (TAT): Our Turnaround Time is the quickest in addressing and meeting your requirements. 
  • Our Reputation: Reputation matters in business…! We grew by keeping our commitments…so is our reputation!!! 

Above all, our extensive research and insights help to boost your IT strategy and business. 


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